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"The best rule is to never stop playing. In jams, rehearsals, on stage, at home, inside."  

                                                                                                                                Jack De Johnnette

What do you get in the 4-day pack?
  • Minimum 5 hours of lessons per day, accompanied by pro drummers
  • Different styles of music: rock, pop, funk, blues, Latin, Brazilian, jazz, etc...
  • 3 nights in full board: breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Breakfast : 08h30 > 09h25
Lessons : 09h30> 11h00 & 11h05> 12h35
Lunch : 12h45 > 14h00
Lessons : 14h30 > 16h30 
Free or DrumJam : 16h30 > 18h30
Dinner : 19h00 > 20h00
Price: 640€ single room with all-in
or 450€ without lodgings.
Indie drumStage worshop

Next edition  "Drum Workshop"

from 13 to 16 August 2020 at Spa.   

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