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"Before a show, my nerves are shot. It’s the same thing every time. But once the show starts, I’m OK."                                                                                                                                                                            John Bonham

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How is our workshop organized?

More than anything else, Indie DrumStage is a vibe – the feeling of being amongst friends and sharing a passion. And over a stay, the feeling of touching excellence with the tip of your drumsticks. To set the rhythm and run the workshop in an atmosphere that could not possibly be friendlier, there are between two and four professional drummers depending on the number of attendees. They will be listening to you for a full four days. The exceptional teachers will share every, tip, trick and exercise that will enable every participant to lift their level of play, both in terms of technique and groove.

​To enable everyone to make real progress, we deliberately limit each group to 6 pupils maximum. Each is drawn up depending on the players’ level > Beginner (minimum 2 years of drumming), Alto, Medium and Expert. With five hours of drumming per day and the possibility of sleeping at the venue for total immersion, the students are completely submerged in a musical, fun and dynamic atmosphere. This unique experience takes place at the Domain of Sol Cress in Spa, a leafy and welcoming environment perfectly adapted to the needs of the workshop. 

Indie drumStage worshop

Next edition  "Drum Workshop"

from 13 to 16 August 2020 at Spa.   

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