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Picture of Stephane Galland

|    Stéphane Galland 

The Indie DrumStage enables different aspects of drumming and rhythm to be addressed so that all drummers – from beginners to professionals – can pick up new aspects, master new tools, understand and try out different approaches to style, techniques and traditions. In this way, they get to know themselves better and better master the art of drumming according to their own vocation, tastes and the individual character of each participant.


Key points covered at the Indie DrumStage :


A broad approach to technique in the widest sense, so as to free oneself of constraints or limitations, express oneself more freely with one’s instrument. Special attention is given to each person to deal with specific problems on a  case by case basis.


Special focus is put on polyrythmics: how to understand and experience the relationship between multiple rhythms, to develop a more “harmonic” feel for drumming, and therefore greater independence.


Initiation and practice with uneven measures, in relation to current but also traditional music from around the world.


Specific work on the "rhythmic conscience": clarification, study of the theory and practice in the elements essential for its development.


Analysis and experiments in the relationship between sound, the groove, gestures, ease and fluidity in drumming.


The lessons are geared as much towards developing the analytical/mental side as the intuitive/sensitive. Combining the two are essential in learning so that anything new can be assimilated naturally and durably, and that everything learnt can open new doors, new tools for developing oneself without limits.

Picture of Patrick Dorcean

|    Patrick Dorcean

My goal is to share with the students the concepts I developed in studio or while touring with different artists, tools that can complete whatever their coach is teaching them and that can be directly applied to their playing. I also try to keep a relaxed atmosphere and to help everyone enjoy their time together, no matter what their challenge may be.


I take a very relaxed approach to teaching. I focus my attention on the sharing of theory and practice that enables the student to develop in their playing while having as much fun as possible. I am very patient with my students and understand that everyone learns at different rhythms – which seems only normal for drummers!


I   Xavier Rogé

"I offer teaching based on exercises that I developed myself, following some issues that I had to fix on my own path as a drummer.


They involve understanding pulsation, its sub-divisions, the solidity of a groove, improvisation and the construction of musical phrases and patterns.

Covering various concepts, including my own ones, the goal of my teaching is to improve every attendee’s technique so as to serve their musicality and ability to understand musical information distilled by the musicians they play with – and to help them get a personal understanding of all that."

Indie drumStage worshop

Next edition  "Drum Workshop"

from 13 to 16 August 2020 at Spa.   

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